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Important  Information regarding Dyeing

Dyeing and colour restoration requires not only the right products but also an artistic touch. At Handbag Therapy every item is personally done by me so there is no confusion or mistakes i will personally take responsibility for your goods.  Please note that not all leather can be dyed or is dyed at Handbag Therapy


The dyeing of leather is depended on the finish of the leather this has nothing to do with quality or price but how it is treated, this means leather carries a risk because of the unknown. Patent leather and suede, Nubuck are examples of two types of leather that are not possible to dye successfully.  Leather generally has a finish to it (oily, wax, matt, shiny) it is the removal of this finish that will contribute to the success of the dyeing as the dye needs to penetrate the leather. The majority of bags in the fashion industry would be a pigmented corrected or full grain (see types of leather section). This means they have already been coloured lightly so will generally allow for restoration and colour change.


Leather can be difficult to work with when trying to remove stains such as ink, oil and grease so often leather will require a full restoration and dyeing if these stains are present . We have all the relevant products (cleaners and dyes) to carry this out,  supplied to us  by a global Restoration Company specialising in the restoration business for over 50 years  

By nature Dyeing anything involves risk due to the vast range of finishes and colours etc. so we want to make it clear that all dyeing will be undertaken at the customers own risk.  From my part at Handbag Therapy i make every effort and devote my full attention to each piece to achieve the best possible result for you the customer taking into account the colour, feel and look using all the best industries products and techniques.


The aim and objective at Handbag Therapy is to match and restore the bag as close to the original as possible, pleases note that this is not always possible and some slight variances in colour or texture are to be expected depending on the level of damage in the first place.  This will be fully explained at the initial consultation stage.


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