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Chanel....the ultimate in luxury, quality and design. Founded by the legendary Coco Chanel they are probably the most iconic and easily recognizable bags on the market today. The classic flap model with its chain handle and striking logo as the closure have stood the test of time over decades, transcending the fashion industry and its changes to be still today one of the most sought after handbags in the world.

At Handbag Therapy, Chanel is probably the brand I work on the most. Services range from  cleaning, stitching, dye transfer, holes in corners, touch up colour, change colour, 24 Carat Gold plating suitable for chain handles, turn locks and CC logo', basically anything your beloved Chanel needs we aim to provide  


Its recommended to clean at least every two to three months, some leathers like the Cavier can be wiped with a damp cloth but the lambskin version its recommended a dry cloth only and if theres any stains or damge it would need a professional service or some advice from a professional. It may be possible to use a mild water based leather cleaner but only on the advice of an expert   



You can find a detailed explanations of the types of leathers and styles used in Chanel with tips on care and pro's and con's of each style on the links below




Beware of counterfeits

As with the majority of designer brands Chanels are highly sought after so are often imitated.  You should know the basic information about leather to differ the quality design. Be careful and buy your Chanel only from certified dealers wether it be new or in the second hand market who would be able to authenticate your purchase. You can gain some knowledge from the link below just to give you some basic tell tale signs.



White Leather Chanel Bag restored to it'
Chanel GST restored beautifully at Handbag Therapy
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