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Repair and Restoration

At Handbag Therapy our main service provided is our repair and restoration service 


Common issues seen at Handbag Therapy include  staining from various products including ink, grease, oils, dye transfer, food and drink or make up etc.  Stains are initially attempted to be removed using a gentle water based leather cleaner.... however this is not always possible as the leather often absorbs the stains (ink, grease, alcohol etc.)  The next step would then require a strong solvent based cleaner to strip out the stain which in turn can lead to a loss of colour in that area, this then requires colour work and normally includes some light colouring on the whole bag to blend in and freshen up as a whole.


Other issues that often arise are minor scuffs, tears or holes especially along the corners and piping. These can be be often fixed to a standard where the repair is barely noticeable to the naked eye. Handles are also one of ther biggest issues as they are constantly used and always therefore under pressure, often they either get extremely worn and have colour lossor the edging is starting to fray away.


The most common issue seen at Handbag Therapy is colour loss, where the original colour has faded over time due to exposure from sunlight or the top layers of colour are literally worn away from use exposing a lighter colouer underneath.  These issues are generally fixable to a really high standard blending in the original colour restoring it as if it never happened.   



The ultimate aim at Handbag Therapy is always to keep the colour and texture (feel) as close to original as possible but very slight variances must be expected depending on the damage or staining this will all be discussed in detail upon inspection of the bag.

This service also includes any repair work that may be required if possible on such areas of the bag like zips, handles, rivets, hooks, bag clips, stitching and cleaning of lining if suitable.


Also now at Handbag Therapy we can provide 24 Carat Gold Plating on some suitable hardware such as Chanel chain handles and CC closures and turn locks.

Prices for this type of work vary and is priced upon inspection and the timeframe for the work to be carried out ranges from 4-6 weeks

Chanel Boy Bag
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