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Colour change

Here at Handbag Therapy we offer a full colour change service for your favourite handbags if possible.  Sometimes bags can be so difficult to maintain in certain colours due to being exposed to the elements that dyeing them a different colour makes them much more manageable and importantly more useable. Many of my customers get fed up trying to keep their cream and tan  bags clean they just decide it would be better in black or another darker colour. Sometimes it could just be a change of colour to match another item or it could just be to follow the seasons trends.

A full colour change is the most detailed and expensive service offered at Handbag Therapy and includes a full clean and any repair work that may be required. 


Prices for this service range depending on various factors from 150 euro up to 400 euro. On extremely detailed Chanel handbags and some Hermes bags prices are on application as they may include dyeing the interiors.  More detailed quotes and information will be given at initial consultaion or on request. Whilst quotes can be approximated by email or over the phone more accurate ones are given in person where the bag can be physically and properly assessed.

Timeframe: This type of work normally takes approximately 4-8 weeks

Please not that not all leather is dyeable please see our Dyeing Information page

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