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What types of services do you offer? 


We offer a huge range of cleaning and colour work services and treatments at Handbag Therapy from basic cleaning to full restoration and colour change services. We also offer a range of other repairs on bags if possible such as stitching, replacement hardware (hooks and clasps) replacement zips and 24k Carat gold plating. Please visit the gallery to see examples of work carried out.



Do you only repair handbags? 


We can clean, restore and repair all leather good including shoes, wallets, jackets and accessories if possible.  At Isaac Jackman Shoe repairs 41 Charlemont Street where Therapy is located an extensive range of repairs and restoration is carried out on ladies and gents shoes


Does the Colour Change option affect the appearance or texture of the leather?

The aim at Handbag Therapy is to keep the original look and feel as close as possible, this however is not always possible and depends on a number of factors such as the leather itself and its finish, how much colour is needed and how much wear and tear is on the bag. Please refer to our Dyeing Information Section 

What colours are available for colour change?

We can make any colour you wish or as close to, however not all bags in their original colours may take certain colours

(ie we can not dye a black bag to white)

Is the dye permanent?

The colour is applied and sealed in the same way as at the manufacturing stage and in some cases even stronger. The dye will stand up well under normal use conditions as it would from original.

Do you dye suede?

We do not dye suede as we find that it is difficult to keep the suede finish, so for us it is not a service we provide.  We can possibly renovate some suede items and restore some colour but only in Black, Brown and Navy.


Do you have a price list? 


Due to the complexities and unknowns in dealing with leather and work required we are unable to create a set price list  as each item must be assessed before we are able to give an estimate. As our clients’ needs are unique we have a range of bespoke solutions to clean, restore or repair your item. Normally at initial consultation the estimate price range will be given from a minimum to a maximum. Sometimes exact pricing even upon assessment is difficult as sometimes more or less work may be required and the price will be altered accordingly. Work is only undertaken after a detailed discussion on price has been had so there is no confusion. I believe in being fair and transparent and always aim to give the best value for money



How do I receive an assessment? 


As of January 2021 and under current restrictions items can only be assessed by sending the item directly to me. Assements and testing is free of charge so only the cost of postage is required which is normally 10 to 18 euro depending on items weight and value if being insured. 


Visiting the store isn’t convenient for me, can I send my item to you? 


Yes...please contact me directly for address details.

We recommend you use a courier or registered post and just put a small note inside with your contact details.  Upon recieving your item i will contact you and discuss all available options and treatments.  On completion we will use a courier to return your goods (10 euro added cost). I can also arrange the courier to collect and return if you prefer 



How long will my cleaning/restoration/repair take? 


Timelines vary depending on the work required, the detail of the item etc. Generally cleaning only is around 2 - 3 weeks, whilst larger jobs like restoration and colour work can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  8 weeks is the maximum timframe for any job unless otherwise clearly stated



When do and how do I make payment? 


We take payment after the completion of any work being carried out on your item. In some circumstances deposits or card details may be required before work commences. Payment is normally done online but cash and cards are also acceptable methods of payment



Will you provide me with sufficient detail of the work being carried out to my item? 


I will give a detailed description of the work required  for your item and go through this with you prior to any work being carried out on your item. Once we have received your authorisation to go ahead with the work you may recieve a ticket and throughout the timeframe some text messages or emails updating you on progress and  the timeframe i expect completion

Faq's at Handbag Therapy

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