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Hermes Kelly Ostrich Restored at Handbag Therapy


Founded in 1837 Hermes is most famous for its ultra-luxurious handbags, the Birkin and the Kelly style are the most sought after and exclusive handbag in the world today. Adorned by celebrities these bags can have waiting lists of up to 18 months.They are spectacular in both their design and quality. They have been known to fetch upwards of 100,000 dollars for some of the very rarest types.


Nowadays the second hand market offers some great deals that make these elusive bags a little more attainable. Designer Exchange (click here) in Dublin 2 often carries a great range of Hermes at a fraction of the retail price and are normally in excellent condition.  

Hermes use a wide range of quality leathers in their bags some with advantages and disadvantages in terms of maintaining them. you can click on the link below to give you a full rundown of types of leathers used and some of the issues they may encounter.

At Handbag Therapy i've restored Birkins, Kelly's, Evelyne and the Garden Party styles, some new in need of touch ups to corners etc. and some over 50 years old requiring full restoration treatment.










At Handbag Therapy i've also come across a few fake Birkin versions which the client may think is the genuine thing as they've spent a good bit of money on them but again as with lots of Designer brands if you dont buy from reputable sellers either new or in the second hand market then the chances are it may not be real. If you concerned or just interested in learning about the subtle differences you can read through the link below all about Hermes Birkins and how to tell a real one


A Beautiful Vintage Hermes lovingly rest
Hermes Kelly Vintage  Restored at Handbag Therapy
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