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Cleaning Service

Sometimes Handbags need just a thorough clean to restore them to their former glory. At Handbag Therapy we offer a cleaning service for Leather Handbags using specialist products and techniques.  


We do offer some cleaning on other materials such as fabric linings, Suede and Nubuck however these materials can be very difficult to improve so each one is taken on a case by case basis.  In my experience these materials rarely clean up successfully

If the Leather is badly stained or the stains have absorbed into the leather with products such as oil/grease or ink generally cleaning alone will not suffice.  Cleaning will generally only lift dirt and some light stains.


If the stains cannot be cleaned out by cleaning products alone the leather will have to be stripped down further into the stain using stronger products which will then possibly require some colouring work afterwards to disguise any rembrandts of the stain.  


This then moves the job into the restoration service option as cleaning will not suffice alone. This will all be explained in great detail at the initial consultation phase.

At Handbag Therapy,  we fully believe that as a paying customer requiring a premium service, if we cannot offer a significant improvement on your handbag we wont take the job on in the begining.

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