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More and more bags are made from “Saffiano” leather. It is probably most commonly seen in Prada and Michael Kors handbags and wallets. It’s durable and practical material which is easy to clean if properly looked after.  Like all leather handbags particular care must be taken of the corners and handles which come under the strain.


History of Saffiano


Saffiano leather has an origin in Italy. Originally, Prada had a patent for real Saffiano leather. It is possible that it was invented by Mario Prada himself in Italy and it is one of Prada´s masterpieces. The first handbags made from Saffiano were made in 1913, when Prada started its designer handbags journey.


Definition: What is Saffiano leather?


It is textured leather where the texture is made by machine. It has a cross-hatch style and diagonal pattern and it is usually made from calf skin (genuine) or poly-urethane (faux) with wax finish. It is supposed to be water-resistant, if not waterproof.


At Handbag Therapy some Saffiano items can can restored and renovated but the full colour change service on this type of leather is not recommended or may not be possible due to the wax finish

The biggest issue encountered at Handbag Therapy is probably with the handles on Michael Kors and Prada Totes, this is not due to the type of leather used but to do with the "edging" as its known (see image across) seperating from the handle and eventually wearing away creating problems both  aesthetically and the durability of the handle to work without it. It is made from a liquid which solidifies creating a plastic type mould along the rim of handles and can be seen on trims and edges also.


Fortunately these issues can be resolved at Handbag Therapy using the exact materials that are used by the major fashion designers sourced in Italy so can be restored like original. 

Prada and Michael Kors

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