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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the words most recognised fashion brands seen all across the world and adored by millions. The luxury bag and goods maker is easily recognised by its distinctive logo and colour scheme of brown and gold. Its handbags are highly sought after and handbags such as the LV Neverfull and the LV Speedy versions can be difficult to get your hands on as there in such high demand.  

At Handbag Therapy whilst i do work on some of Louis Vuitton's there is some of the styles that i sometimes cannot make a significant improvement on so i may not take it in for that reason. The reason that i cannot make the kind of improvements that i am happy with are for various reasons but mainly its the materials used on these bags. For instance on the monogram bags like the Neverfull and the Speedy the materials on these are normally plasctic coated canvas and vachetta leather trim and handles.


Firstly the plastic coated canvas can only really be cleaned down, it often develops a white hue across them so they need to be wiped down even with a damp cloth every so often before bringing in for a professional service. Very little repair can be carried out on the main body  of those bags if they have tears or holes etc. or even heavy staining which may not come out as you cannot use solvent cleaners like you would with leather. The other issue with restoring and repairing Louis Vuittons is the type of leather that is often used on the handles, trim and base....Vachetta leather (Click Here).  It is untreated leather, it is beautiful in appearance but is highly susceptible to the elements such as sunlight, rain and staining. It is extremely pourous as it has no protection like most leathers known as pigmented leather which has a protection barrier applied after colouring. 


This makes restoring Louis Vuittons with the monogram in the canvas very difficult as the products and methods used on other leather is not possible to use so the options and results are limited. That being said it is worth having it assessed as its no harm and most importantly no cost. Other styles such as the Epi leather and other leathers i can normally work on successfully so please don't hesitate to contact me for any information and advice on all styles.


Click the link below for more information on the materials.

Click on the link below for the ultimate Louis Vuitton Guide on every style and every material including the year in which they were introduced or discontinued....its epic





Beware of Louis Vuitton fakes as its probably the most copied brand of bag in the world. Always buy from reputable stores to be certain or if buying second hand get it authenticated by the store


Also you can brush up your own knowledge on the link below


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